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Revolutionary Grrl 5–How to deal with surveillance …

As the two police units leave, Revolutionary Grrl comes back out of hiding.

Dealing with surveillance...

How does Revolutionary Grrl deal with surveillance? Find out next week!

In the meantime, it’s Hallowe’en. Trick or Treat! and boy, does NSA have a trick for you! Not just Angela Merkel–who has been thinking twice about that shoulder rub der Dubbley├╝ gave her–but 35 other national leaders (at the last count I can remember) have had their phones tapped by NSA! Not only that, but 60 million phone calls a month from Spain to add to the 70 million from France. Well, 50 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong, but we’ll add 20 million more to make sure.

The treat is that it’s making the world safer for the US. After all, they claim that it saved us from over 50 terrrrrrrrrist plots already. HOCKEYPUCKS! With that amount of data, I don’t care how much computing power you have, you’re never going to find important information–UNLESS you already know what you are looking for. Is that how they’ve been getting all those al-Qaida targets? Playing 6 degrees of Osama bin Laden from his old cell phone contact list? Now we know why that pizzeria in Islamabad got droned–someone who Osama called, called someone who called someone who called someone who called someone who ordered a pizza with everything–they must have been terrorists–no pork sausage.

This isn’t about protecting America. It’s spying on people just because WE CAN. Do they honestly think they can find out anything about a terrorist plot just by sifting through several billion phone calls a month? Hell, no. This isn’t a tool for protection, it’s a tool for prosecution. Once they find out who the terrorist is, they can track down any accomplices who are stupid enough to use their throw-away phones more than a week.

And the congresspeople who defend this tool? They’re just a bunch of tools themselves! Besides, we already have a network for spying on people. It’s called the Internet. Except that’s only useful for finding out what kind of porn the terrorists have been watching.

And cat videos.

Unless you’re Angela Merkel. We got everything on her. Who ya gonna call, Angela? Make it Ghostbusters–you got too many spooks on the line listening in…

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Goodnight, Buddy

Doozey Sleeping

Doozey Sleeping

Last Monday, my wife and I had to say good-bye to our dear little buddy, Doozey (I’ve been told the name was actually Duzel, but I thought Doozey was more appropriate). He came into our lives five years ago–we believe his owner had passed away and through a series of accidents, he found himself homeless until we adopted him. It took a while for him to trust us, but when he did, I did this pastel sketch of him, sleeping on a pillow.

He was a sweet cat, never seeming to get angry like other cats do on occasion, and basically, he became one of the family. We have lots of stories about him but to write them down would probably just choke me up right now. He started showing signs of something wrong late last year. Naturally we took him to the vet, but all his vitals seemed normal. Around the start of this year, things took a turn for the worse and we seemed to have discussions with his doctor everyday. More tests, more medicines. Finally, the poor little guy was half his weight and unable to eat. He was afraid to sleep, because he feared never waking up. Eventually he did.

Cats have jobs. They decide what their job is and you have no influence on what it will be. Doozey’s was bed making inspection. Whenever we made the bed, he’d leap into the center to make sure we were doing it right. Before we’d finished. We took to closing the bedroom door so we could actually get the sheets straight.

We’re going to miss closing the door.

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