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Totally Unfair and Completely Unbalanced

Has Ann really ever worked a day in her life? Depends on your definition of work.

It's so hard to raise children without a staff of help.

Managing all that staff is so exhausting...

I’m playing catch-up here after losing our furry friend. So forgive me if this brouhaha isn’t really as current as it might be. Hilary Rosen said something that is objectively true, that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life. It’s true–Ann Romney has never worked a day for wages. Ann Romney countered that she’s performed the most important job there is, being a mother. Huff and Puff! Oh, you horrible person, Hilary, you apologize to her. Even President Obama said so.

Myself, I’m thoroughly sick of this tactic working. One side criticizes something. The other side accuses them of making a totally and deliberately misconstrued slur on mom, apple pie and the flag, forcing them to apologize and delegitimizing the original critique in the first place. It’s time for liberals to STOP APOLOGIZING for things they never said.

Yes, being a mom is the most important job in the world if you don’t count brain surgery, leading a country, or being a professional athlete in the United States. And Ann Romney has certainly borne and raised five children. And five kids is a job and a half. Now we know she didn’t perform a job for wages. But the question is, has she performed the same amount of WORK the rest of you mothers out there have?

Who took the kids to school? Granted most of your kids took the bus, but if the kid got sick in the middle of the day, who had to pick him up? You did. Who did it at the Romney household? Ann? or the chauffeur? Who took the kids to soccer practice, piano lessons, dance class, boy scouts, girl scouts, Tae Kwan frickin’ Do? Ann? or the chauffeur? Who helped with the homework? Ann? or the NANNY? Who cooked and cleaned? Ann? Or the cook? Or the maid? Who shooed religious fanatics who wanted to talk about God from the front door? Ann? or the butler? Who had to keep the budget? Ann? Or the accountant?

Being a mom is a heckuva lot easier a job when you have a staff. In fact, it hardly seems like “work” at all, doesn’t it? The same relationship to real work that being a CEO has. You get the fun parts–playing with the kid, acting proud at graduation. And some of the not-so-fun parts–worrying while they’re sick or have had an accident, grieving if they die. But the day-to-day nitty gritty? Someone else handles that.

So let’s go one more step. Who got a job when her husband’s job wasn’t paying enough for the family, who had to work when he was laid off, who had to make the mortgage payments when he was in Iraq fighting for the country (especially with banks not paying attention to their agreements about military service), who had to support the family when he died? I’m not saying these are the only good reasons for a mom to have to work outside the home, but these are just a few of the “good” reasons even a Rush Limbaugh would accept as legitimate. Come to think of it, Rush wouldn’t. He assumes all single mothers are welfare moms without husbands. But certainly Ann Romney would agree.

How hard a job is being a mom in the real world as opposed to being a mom when you have more money than God? I stand by Hilary Rosen’s statement. Ann Romney HAS never worked a day in her life.

And she knows it. I think the “real” motha’ in all this is the strategist who told Ann what to say.

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And They Make Great Curry Too

Senior Vice Presidents of CEO Support

Senior Vice Presidents of CEO Support

Let’s face it, we’ve been living in a global economy for years now, ever since you first heard a Customer Service rep speaking in some unintelligible accent telling you he can’t understand what you are saying. Since the 50s we’ve had cheap airplane travel. Since the 70s cheap telephone calls. Since the 90s, the Interwebs. It would be a surprise if companies DIDN’T try to find the cheapest labor force somewhere where they wouldn’t have to pay the salaries expected by Americans, so they could screw every last nickel out of our pockets. After all, if we can’t make customer service understand us, we’ll stop calling :) Then they can reduce the CS force and make even more money! Satisfaction is our middle name! Hey, WE are satisfied!
However, AP discovered this little tidbit: AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign workers. You remember those banks that have caused global economic disaster? All US based. And We, in the goodness of our hearts, gave them 700 billion dollars last fall, no ties, no questions, no accounting, to keep them from dragging us any further under. US–that is, the U.S. Us. Well, not only did they turn around and pay several of those billions giving bonuses to the boneheads who made the decisions that made their money evaporate, but it seems that they have been hiring VPs, SVPs and other high level executives from outside the US. Hey, they’re cheaper. But when they run into trouble, who dey gonna call? That’s right, Uncle Moneybags. Now a global economy is an inevitability. But there’s something wrong with expecting the people of the US to bail them out from the consequences of their own greed and rapacity, while giving a golden shower to the people who’re giving them the money. And I don’t mean coins.

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