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A moment from my table

Well, a touch of a sore throat (the infamous con crud) and I haven’t been paying that much attention to the news, so instead, I’d like to give a shoutout to a great anime convention: Zenkaikon, in the Philadelphia area. Next year it will relocate to the Lancaster PA area. A smaller sized con–I believe there were over 3000 attendees last year, and more this year–but a very friendly one. Young-ish crowd, mostly high school and college students. The staff was extremely helpful and courteous, even if the person they were helping was an idiot who didn’t bring the right adapter plug (yeah, me). Nonetheless, my two panels seemed well-received and my table in artists alley did remarkably well despite the con’s only lasting 2 days due to the Mother’s Day scheduling problems. Shoutouts to the writer CJ Henderson, Charles Dunbar who gives great panels on Japanese evil spirits of varying kinds, the geek standup comedian Uncle Yo, and Anthony Zaragosa of Vidgle (podcasts from various conventions). Photos from the con (including mine) can be found at Zenkaikon2012 Photos on Facebook. Hope to be there again next year–this time, with an adapter plug!

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