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Whoops she did it again.

Cartoon parody of Annie Liebovitz's Vanity Fair photoshot of the Obama family, showing the president in Miley Cyrus's pose

And now that Annie has shot him, he may be as famous as Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus is back in the news for another gaffe. Seems the Disney songstress posed with an Asian friend and pulled on the corners of her eyes to give herself “slanty-eyes” to match her friend. The Asian community is up in arms, accusing Miss S***-for-brains of racism. Well, it was probably not racist, after all, she was trying to match her friend and was just a silly kid’s giggle. What was STUPID was letting the photo get loose on the internet. Come on, Hannah, after the Annie Liebovitz photo shoot last year, you should have learned SOMETHING!
Speaking of Ms. Liebovitz, she now has scored the photo coup of the year by getting to shoot the Obamas, also for the afore-mentioned Vanity Fair. Annie is known for getting celebrities to get into all sorts of odd poses to expose their inner selves…Miley’s inner self was pretty much her outer self, covered by a bed sheet. I’m sure she handled the First Family with a bit more restraint than Miley, but in case she didn’t, I leave for you the Obama Vanity Fair cover 🙂

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