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No cartoon next week because I’ll be returning from Otakon and several days of running a table on Artists Alley. I’ve got so much to do, I’ve got to keep this short to.

And speaking of short … I hope that’s the position you’re all holding, because that’s the one the big boys are. Short-selling–in preparation for the biggest manufactured sell-off in history when Standard & Poors downrates the United States thanks to our patriotic tea-partiers in Congress. Why did the deficit become so important after 8 years of Cheney saying “Deficits are not important?” So that THIS bear market can happen on Obama’s watch in the hope that everyone will vote Republican and the lads can feed at the trough again? Au contraire! They never stopped.

What happens after a sell-off? The big buy-back–with the loot gained by going short. So that the top 1% will have even more. They’ve learned their lesson from Ayn Rand’s John Galt really well–if something stands in your way, blow it up. And the something that stands in the way of the Kochs, the Murdochs, the Bushes, the Blankfeins and all the rest? The American people and the American government. And they’ve got the self-appointed super-patriot Tea Partiers to help them!

What’s the difference between a Koch brother and a leech? The leech lets go when it’s full. How many bankers does it take to change a lightbulb. Only one and he can do millions–they’re very good at screwing. What gated community will you never see a banker in? A prison–they’re too big to punish.

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Congratulations Barack Obama, Our First Hawaiian President!

Insipid Inanities from Cable News

Insipid Inanities from Cable News

Oh, right, he’s also out first African-American President (if you don’t count Warren G. Harding, but that was just a rumor anyway and in any case, he’d only have been an octoroon.) There were a few spots in yesterday’s activities that made me laugh, the greeting to outgoing President Bush, which the band had to try to drown out, the flub that Chief Justice Roberts made while administering the oath, that strange poem that had everything AND the kitchen sink in it, and that great prayer by Rev. Joseph Lowery. Warrens’ benediction was low-key, thank goodness. Obama’s speech, curiously enough, was as well. Perhaps he wanted to call attention to the great problems facing us–and to point squarely at the asshats who’d at best enabled them, at worst, caused them and fanned their flames.

Chris Wallace made the biggest asshole comment by calling into question the legitimacy of Obama’s oath of office. Hey Chris! I know you’re being paid by the Hate Squad over there at Fox, but be real. IT AIN’T A MAGIC SPELL. 10,000 brooms ain’t gonna rise up out of the splinters and inundate us just because a few words were off. It’s not the oath that confers the Presidential power–it’s WE THE PEOPLE. Maybe the right wingnuts will use your asshat comments to go on believing that Obama isn’t the real president, but the rest of us will know what a bootlicking hack you proved yourself to be. I hope your dad wasn’t listening.

Fred and Bert are still with us, but only barely, after celebrating at the Lafayette Park Inaugural Ball, inside the big oak tree. They really should lay off the fermented acorn juice. 🙂 But remember–TODAY IS SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY. Get some nuts and spread’em around!

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