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The Bada-Bing Health Plan–an insurance you can’t refuse…

Posted on | October 13, 2009 | No Comments

Y'know, if health care reform gets passed, we're gonna have to raise your rates--nothing personal, it's just business/

Tony Soprano goes into health insurance since it's more profitable than the rackets

Hey, did you hear the one about the four-month old baby whose parents’ health insurance dropped him from coverage because they said he was obese? No, seriously, there’s no punch line. Rocky Mountain Health Plans denied coverage to Kelli and Bernie Lange’s baby Alex because–as their insurance broker put it, “Your baby is too fat.” Wow, I bet they thought he was heart attack material! Breaking the scales at 17 pounds, this youngster was obviously a poor insurance risk! Well, after a burst of negative publicity, Rocky Mountain reviewed the case and conceded that Alex might be healthy after all. But if nobody’d raised a stink–you can bet they’d’ve stuck to their guns and saved a buck on this crawling train wreck waiting to happen.
Meanwhile, the health care lobby released a study that they commissioned that showed–surprise surprise–that if health care reform is passed, current insurance subscriber premiums will rise. Democrats are thunderstruck–every study they’ve done has shown that, according to the laws of economics, premiums should go down because of this legislation. Ahhhh, but the Democrats are forgetting one thing–crooks don’t obey laws! Rather than taking the study seriously as an honest study, the White House should take it seriously for what it REALLY is–a threat. You pass reform and we’ll raise premiums. We’ve got a cherry-picked study that justifies it.
Let’s drop the pretense–health insurance companies used to be just parasites–but they had ambition and through hard work have advanced all the way to thug! Never mind that the current legislation REQUIRES everyone to buy insurance–holding open the public option only for people who can’t get the high-priced spread–it’s “an offer you can’t refuse.” No, really, you can’t refuse it or you’ll be fined for not having insurance. True, the mob won’t be able to drop your coverage based on shady “pre-existing conditions”, but there’ll be so many more healthy people paying them premiums, that if they’re making money by the truckload now, they’ll be getting a whole fleet of trucks courtesy of Uncle Sugar. So why the threat? So they can raise the premiums and make money by the trainload. Tony Soprano would be impressed.
You hear a lot about “taking back the country,” from the right wing. I agree we need to take it back, but not from Obama, not from the Democrats. We need to take it back from the bankers, the credit card companies, the insurers whose greed is creating a virtual serfdom for the people of the United States. And holding us hostage to prevent any real reform of the system. We need to tar and feather these felons and con men and ride them out of town on a rail…and impound their off-shore bank accounts. They haven’t learned to play nice–it’s time we stopped playing nice with them.

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